Monday, January 26, 2009

Did Rachel Imeinu help the IDF in Gaza??

I am not going to rehash the whole story here, but, in short, there have been stories going around the country that Rachel Imeinu appeared to soldiers in Gaza during the recent operation and steered them clear of booby traps.

Yes, I admit I am a HUGE skeptic and would not readily accept miracles like the believing crowd would. However, I just have one question for those that believe it without questioning it at all:
Would you believe the same story if it was told about US soldiers and that it was Jesus that saved them? Of course, most believers in Judaism would say no without thinking twice. And I think this points out the err in their ways. They are so anxious to believe ANYTHING that puts God in a good light that they don't stop to think that maybe the story isn't true.

I was not in Gaza and have no idea if this happened or not. But to automatically accept it wholeheartedly or discount the opposite scenario of US soldiers and Jesus immediately is ridiculous.

I just wish EVERYONE (myself included) would actually take the time to look at the issues, listen to what others have to say, realize we may be wrong in our thinking, and then come to a conclusion. To jump to immediate conclusions in either direction doesn't help any of us.

btw, for some further reading, DovBear had 2 good posts on this as well:

2 additional posts on this topic, both from Rav Aviner
In short, he basically says that without better proof, we should assume it is not true.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Once again, you're frustrated.

Listen, if soliders in Iran said that the Virgin Elvis guided them around, then there would be three possibilities to consider:

1) They're right.
2) They're wrong.
3) "Something" supernatural that we can't fully understand appeared to them and assisted them. They perceived this thing as Elvis and so that's what they think it is.

So in 'Aza it's the same thing. I personally don't think Mother Rochel appeared like some say. But did God perhaps intervene in a subtle way to help our soldiers? That I'm prepared to believe.

Charlie said...

I mean is that all she could do save 2 (or even 10) soldiers?
If she would already come down, she probably would make a lot more of a difference?

robert said...

I think that if you believe this story, your'e stupid.

And if you don't believe it, your'e a heretic.

robert said...

I think that if you believe this story, your'e stupid.

And if you don't believe it, your'e a heretic.

Anonymous said...

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